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Since 24 February, following the invasion and subsequent escalation of aggression by Russian armed forces, a humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in Ukraine, an Associate Member State of CERN. The CERN Directorate and the CERN Staff Association wish to express solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues, their families and the entire Ukrainian people. Our thoughts are with everyone whose life has been disrupted by the war.

Several actions have already been initiated by the Organization to support employed and associated members of personnel of Ukrainian nationality and their families, providing them with material assistance and psychological support. We are also aware of the various initiatives of many members of the personnel, and we wish to express our deep appreciation for their engagement. This is an important demonstration of CERN solidarity and community spirit.

In addition, the Staff Association and the Directorate are launching an urgent appeal to your generosity to donate funds that will be sent directly to the Office of the International Red Cross in Ukraine. The funds you donate will help meet the immediate needs of the population, including emergency medical care, psychological support, blood donation, and the distribution of food, drink, and other essential items.

Donations can be made to the Staff Association’s account at UBS:

IBAN: CH85 0027 9279 HU10 6832 1
Account holder: Association Personnel C.E.R.N. c/o CERN J01300 1211 Genève 23

The CERN Directorate has decided to match, from the CERN budget, donations made by the personnel. The Staff Association will also contribute financially to the collection.

CERN will continue to uphold its core value of scientific collaboration across borders as a driver for peace.

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