Mykola F. Shulga (1947 – 2024) 

Academician, Professor, Director General of NSC KIPT, outstanding physicist, and a great person, Mykola F. Shulga passed away on January 23.
He was one of the founders of LIA/IRP IDEATE and a teacher, a friend and a close colleague to many of us.
We stay with his family and with our Kharkiv colleagues to give the tribute to the bright memory of Mykola F. Shulga.


The LIA/IRP IDEATE covers R&D and optimisation of innovative technologies for the experiments at the particle accelerators and development of accelerator techniques. Development and joint exploitation of the experimental platforms is addressed. Instrumentation for accelerators and detection techniques is also developed by the LIA/IRP partners. Finally joint contribution to large-scale operating and planned projects is pursued within the LIA partnership. The first cooperation between French and Ukrainian partners in these domains started in 2007. It gained maturity within the PICS project entitled “Development of the Instrumentation for accelerator experiments, beam monitoring and other applications” launched in 2014 and supported by CNRS.

Research program and projects

  • R&D of detector technologies
  • Accelerator techniques
  • Experimental platforms
  • R&D on instrumentation for medical applications
  • Developments for flavour physics
  • Developments for nuclear physics
  • Developments for hadron physics
  • Pedagogical activities
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